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Chakras, grounding with Denis ChagnonChakras, grounding with Denis Chagnon


Grounding is a simple, yet powerful practice that centres you and helps to energetically reestablish and maintain the flow of energy through your body. Grounding helps maintain a balance of your physical and spiritual bodies. When grounding is consistently practiced your entire body is nourished and energized, manifesting in greater health, prosperity and well-being.

Stagnant energy flow creates energetic blockages in the body. The lack of sufficient grounding is a primary reason why the flow of energy becomes stagnated. When you are not grounded, thereby allowing emotions to flow through your system, you instead become filled with them, and this blocked energy can manifest in the physical body as disease. Disease is first seen in the energy field and then later manifests in the physical body. The traditional approach to illness has been to fight it, rather than to strengthen the body, the emotions, the mind and the spirit, and allow the energy to flow through freely.



Grounding technique denisChagnon.comGrounding technique


Your body is the mirror of your life. Everything that happens in your life, and in your body, first begins with something in your consciousness. When there is tension in a particular part of your body, it represents tension in a particular part of your consciousness, about a particular aspect of your life. When you see the connection between consciousness and your body, you will see the degree to which you create your reality.

The Root Chakra is the centre of physical energy, and is the grounding force that allows us to connect with earth energies and empowers us. It is the centre of self-preservation, and is the foundation for the whole chakra system. It’s function is to respond to any issues concerning survival. If there is some damage or blockage to this chakra, then we find ourselves coping with threats to our survival.

Physical manifestations of disease associated with blocked root chakra include: Cancer, colon problems, bladder problems, male/female reproductive-organ problems, and sciatica.

When we clear and open our first chakra, we have taken a step toward releasing our fear and pain and replacing them with love, self-empowerment and health. Energy blockages limit our experience of life. Learning to connect with our bodies teaches us to release limiting beliefs and emotions, allowing us to live our full potential by mastering our energies. By releasing the old we make room for the new, freeing us to live fully!

Being grounded means being fully present: physically, emotionally and energetically. It means your mind is not wandering or pulling your energy elsewhere. Your heart and soul are not searching somewhere in the past or looking into the future. Being grounded is being fully present in life, in the moment, and is as easy as breathing, and it's an act of power and empowerment that will change your life.

Certainly as healers and body workers, we must be 100 percent present while working with our clients. We must connect our energy to theirs and discern how we might hold the space for their beauty, their healing. It is important to be fully present - for our health and our client's. You are worth the extra moment you spend with yourself, taking that deep breath and bringing yourself fully to the moment. And our clients also deserve our full attention. Slow yourself down; as a ‘little’ thing like grounding, really does matter.

Every smile you give, every encounter, interaction, and experience you share, and each step you take is important. These seemingly small things are the basis on which all other parts of our world rest. It is our very foundation.

When you are present in every moment, you are living life with the fullness it has to offer. So much damage is done when we close ourselves down because we fear that we cannot take the pain, heal our wounds, suffer through the grief and the sorrow, or feel the laughter and joy. We must connect to ourselves on a daily basis. Our lives become more meaningful and dynamic once we decide we are worth the effort. Being grounded makes a difference for every Being on our planet. When we are not grounded, our minds wander off and create chaos and energy blockages that can lead to dis-ease. On some level, everyone pays for our "ungroundedness."

When we are grounded and fully present, we open ourselves to the Universal energy flowing around us, making our presence very powerful. Tension begins to melt away, peace and serenity enter our lives, and healing takes place.

We have all experienced episodes where tension in a room was very high, with tempers flaring, people on the verge of snapping, and then a calm, centred, grounded person enters the room, and everything shifts. We all have the power to do that every moment of the day. When we stay grounded, we do not create chaotic reactions around us. We can laugh and not take ourselves, or others, so seriously.



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