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The 2 base chakras

Grounding practice :

In May of 1998, my spiritual guides informed me that the vibration of the planet

had changed, and therefore, we must change the way that we ground ourselves

in order to process large amounts of light. Instead of grounding through the feet,

it is now more powerful to  ground through the two base chakras.


  • Sit or stand comfortably. Take a few deep breaths into your belly (hara), expanding your belly with each inhalation, and relaxing with each exhalation.
  • Focus your attention on your Root Chakra. As you inhale, contract the perineum (or pelvic floor muscles – those used to stop the flow of urine) and relax them as you exhale.
  • Bring the energy from your Root (first) chakra to your ovaries (located inthe second chakra); visualize a triangle of energy from the root chakra tothe ovaries.
  • To create this triangle, bring your two index fingers and thumbs together.The index fingers will connect with the top of the pubic bone - allow the fingers to separate as you make contact with either side of the bone. The thumbs will cover (connect with) the ovaries - the thumbs do not have to touch.
  • When the first and second chakras are connected in this way, it creates apowerful energetic force and a balance with the other chakras that allowsus to ground, process, and integrate light faster and more easily. When we position our hands in this way, we connect with all of the major energy points in that area of the body, thus amplifying the energy. With thispowerful grounding connection, energies such as anger, anxiety, fear, sadness and even love, joy, and happiness (etc) are transformed and purified.
  •  When an emotion comes up:

hand position for grounding yourself

    • feel it,
    • bring it to the heart,
    • send love to the situation or person involved,
    • bless it,
    • then, bring it to the two base (first and second) chakras for it to be transformed and released.
    • to help transform stagnant energy, move the left hand to either the solar plexus chakra or heart chakra while keeping the right hand on the second chakra (below the navel).


When we allow ourselves to flow gracefully with the Universal force that flows downward,

we are in harmony with the downward flow of the first two chakras.

Grounding enables you to feel stable in your body, to process emotions,

to clear other people’s energies, and dissolved energy blockages

out of your system and Auric Field.