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I was referred to Denis by a friend of mine, a survivor of breast cancer. From the time I made contact with Denis over the telephone, I began to feel a shift. Denis is a powerful gifted healer. My session in his home was months ago. I am still benifiting from it. Its as though I only have to recall the session and I can feel a shift in me that is much lighter. For me, this work is not only benificail to my personal healing. It is a channel for hope in the world. Healing is real.


I have suffered from low self-esteem all my life. I am the youngest of 12 children and as far back as I can remember, I have been compared to two of my older sisters, especially through elementary school with teachers that had taught my older siblings. How often I heard them say: “Why can’t you be more like your sisters?”. As a consequence, I grew up into adult life comparing myself to them and always coming up short. I married a man who was an alcoholic, drug and sex addict. He had many affairs throughout our marriage and this did nothing to improve my self image. He was also physically abusive and had me believe that I provoked these actions by my behavior. I have been working on these issues for years. My health has been affected, I have had trouble with digestion, bowels and with my legs. Denis has helped me to cleanse my body of all those bad memories. I have slowly began to heal my spirit and my body is responding in kind. The swelling has gone down in my legs and I have less physical problems. I feel less depressed and more alive than I have in years. During my last visit I had an unusual and very powerful experience. I felt the presence of each one of these people from my past, I felt the emotions and was able to face each one, one at a time, feel the emotion, forgive them and myself and let it go while sending a prayer to each of them. I felt a great sense of relief and lighter than I have in many years. I continue to work with Denis to heal those emotional blockages. He is truly gifted and is helping me greatly in my journey.



Iris Val-des-Monts denischagnon.comIris Val-des-Monts


I have been diagnosed with colorectal cancer in December 2005. I had surgery and started chemotherapy in March and that is when a friend told me about Denis. I was told that he had a great gift and would be able to help me get through the ordeal of treatments. I was ready to try anything so I went to see him. I was a little skeptical at first but right from the first visit, I felt a difference. The first day that I went there, I could hardly make it up the stairs because I was in so much pain but after the treatment, I could walk fine. I was quite impressed. I have no idea why it works or what it is that works but believe me, it works. It's like believing in God, we don't see him but we believe. Just because we do not understand how Denis' moving of the energy affects us, it doesn't make it less real. I am almost finished my treatment and have only experienced some very minor discomforts and very few side effects. There is no doubt in my mind that this is truly a miracle brought about by Denis as well as the prayers of family and friends.



Having Denis in my life is a blessing. I really appreciate the benefits of grounding. Coming to him is like taking classes in how to be a more efficient and effective processor of Light. Spiritually the sessions are helping to develop my energetic system into being a channel of blessings to all. Thank you Denis. I love you.

- S.A. (M.D.)

Butterfly, Val-des-Monts denischagnon.comButterfly, Val-des-Monts

I have come from a life where I experienced parental neglect and abuse; experienced physical, sexual abuse and rape as a teenager and young adult. My body responded with a life of IBS, repeated bouts of shingles and migraines. Through psychotherapy for years, and the last 3 years of working with energy and Denis, I have evolved into a whole, alive, joyful and healthy person. I continue to work at my issues, but I am so equipped now, and have the tools of grounding, acknowledging my feelings and thoughts, and putting love into them, blessing them, grounding them, and letting go. I no longer have a need for controlling. To ground is to heal and to heal is to ground. God and the Universe take very good care of me. I am so grateful for my life.

Thank you Denis for sharing your energy, for the healing and for giving me the opportunity to awaken my own inner strength.

- (T)





Dear Denis, after seeing you last October I felt refreshed interiorly, and happy -- not common for one who suffers from clinical depression. The next day I awoke with a new feeling of mental wellness, unknown in many years of being ill. Ever since then, I have noticed an improvement in my mental health, with less anxiety and feelings of internal pressure, more frequent mental clarity and stability of mood and energy. I also am continuing to receive helpful insights into healing, which you affirmed as being within my capacity to do. I thank-you for giving me a boost along the way with your healing attention. May you be happy and well.

- M.B.